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An open letter to all fellow Christians...

Greeting Fellow Christians!

I Pray these words receive you well...

I write this letter to you in a hopeful hour for the church in Christ our Lord, yet, our hour is a dire one. As Christs followers did in the past, I write to you the leadership of a church, doing everything in my power to spread the word and to warn the people. With the election of our new leadership in America, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, we are hopeful as a community and as a people. We are truly blessed as a country, and yet things in our world are escalating towards the conclusion. I write this letter, as a warning to every house of God, and to every lukewarm follower in Christ.

Now is not the time to rest, now is not the time to celebrate and return to our complacency. Now is the time, and our greatest opportunity ever, to share the word of God with the people of this world, starting at home. I urge you to think outside the box, so to speak, and to act in many different ways to spread the word. This should never be limited to church on Sunday, and certainly not limited to people whom already know Christ. With our social justice policy, beliefs of our media and television celebrity, it is more important than ever for us to counter this evil in our daily lives. We must not accept evil, but repel it. The abominations are becoming endless, and I need not tell you what they are, but remind you to reject them. Christ loves us all, and the confused need only see the truth in Him, quite possibly through your actions.

It is not my intent to teach you, but to remind you of our place and duty. It is our duty as Christians to follow in the life of Christ, to learn about Him and His life, to walk in Him, become born again, to spread the good news, and become the watchmen and protectors of His words and ways. We MUST warn everyone we can of the sword, lest their blood be on our hands (Ezekiel 33). We cannot and must not leave others ignorant of the truth, because if you do the fault will lie with you for not sounding the trumpet.

The church is dying, people attend church to get their ears tickled, to be reassured and to feel good, but very few of us are out there sounding the alarm and warning of the sword to come. Now is the time to use your gifts, now is the time to witness, to pray, to teach the world the saving knowledge of Christ.

If your ministry has not yet begun, now is the time for you to fulfill your personal ministry as a born again Christian. This goes for every single follower of Christ, not just Church leadership. Find your gift, use it in every moment the Holy Ghost leads you to, do not deny your destiny at this pivotal point in time. God knew you before you were born, and put you in this world at this time for a reason, like Christ, you need to fulfill your role.

Together in Christ, we are the restrainer, we are the salt of the earth. I urge you to share this with every person in your church, and to encourage each other to do your part for Him. It is your job and duty. Act now, and bring the many sheep to the fold, be courageous for God for He is with you!

The war for your soul, and every other soul is your fight. We truly fight on the greatest battlefront there is. You have nothing to fear with Christ beside you.

You are a Watchmen for Christ, you pledged your life for Him. Now the storm gathers and so your watch begins... go forth and defend our truth, the one and only truth, in Jesus Christs name.


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